Change management

The need to manage change continues to grow

E-book: Maximize the success rate of your digitization projects

According to Gartner research, all employees are confronted with three substantial changes a year, and businesses only expect that number to rise. It appears that change is here to stay, and the need to manage it continues to grow. 

A recipe for success
A dedicated change manager best captures this need and an appropriate change management approach highly contributes to the success of digital transformation projects.

In our e-book on change management, you’ll discover…

  • why acceptance by end users is just as important as the quality of the newly implemented solution;
  • which concerns and challenges companies face in managing change, based on survey responses from a qualified target group;
  • why change management deserves a larger share of the budget and how to convince your team of its importance;
  • which target groups should be addressed first (hint: the most skeptical ones!);
  • and how to engage the project’s ambassadors, who are the true change agents.

Download the e-book today and learn how to become a change management chameleon.