Guide: Why integration matters

Tackle your integration challenges with SmartLink – and ace the follow-up

Every day, a whole new world of shiny applications vies for your attention, hoping to convince you to expand your IT infrastructure – again. And that’s fine! But that umpteenth implementation could spark some questions as well. How do you align this new tool with your current processes? Which data does it need to maximize its value? And how will you monitor those?

Find the answers through integrations
Integrations link your business processes and your IT landscape. By connecting all those dots, you’ll find refreshing opportunities to improve and grow, both sustainably and at a pace that suits you best. Moreover, delaware is here to help you every step of the way – thanks to SmartLink.

SmartLink is our custom integrations methodology: a variety of mix-and-match packages to kickstart or complete your integrations set-up.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why integration is well worth the effort;
  • How our SmartLink solutions work – and which benefits they bring;
  • Which 4 steps will help you integrate and ace the follow-up.