IT vs. business integration: mind the gaps!

Take the first step on your enterprise architecture journey

In an ideal world, business and IT live in perfect harmony, are perfectly integrated, and support each other in myriad ways. But let’s be honest: that’s not often the case. The tricky part of setting up a good enterprise architecture is finding out exactly where things are lacking in terms of “integration maturity.” To help you get the general idea, our experts developed a simple, exploratory test based on three main “integration styles.” 

In just a few minutes, this test will help you determine priorities and uncover the most pressing gaps in your business and IT integration. The full picture is, of course, a lot more complex, and correlates entirely with your organizations’ specific context, strategy, and requirements. To get these in-depth insights and draft a personalized enterprise architecture roadmap, our experts have developed a proven methodology based on 5 evaluation levels. For a general impression, however, this free short test goes a long way.