white paper from delaware & ZigZagHR

6 pillars for a strategic employee experience

A positive Employee Experience gives your employees' engagement a huge boost. And you feel the return of that, financially too, especially in a tight labor market in a fast-changing and economically worrying context.

What do we see today? HR pulls Employee Experience alone; it gets too fast focused on process optimization or tool selection; organizational readiness is not taken into account; decisions about Employee Experience projects are driven top down, purely from a management perspective, as a result of which they do not meet the real needs of the employees; decisions are made purely on the basis of surveys, …

Together with delaware, #ZigZagHR invited six HR directors to the Office Boat in Ghent to go deeper into these challenges and inspire. This white paper provides you with 6 pillars to reach a shared, company-wide Employee Experience vision and strategic approach.