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Food in Control eBook

From ERP system to business process

Get maximum value from an ERP system that is tailored to the unique challenges of the food industry

The food industry is truly unique and your team has to navigate a complex landscape. Such challenges put enormous pressure on internal processes, margins, and business growth.

The daily challenges in the Food industry today:

  • Managing food production vs. waste
  • Constant fluctuations in quality, supply, and price of raw materials
  • Strict quality requirements and industry standards
  • Complex supply chain environments
  • Increasingly critical consumers
  • Growing demand for traceability

To reduce costs we – the industry – will have to learn how to work smarter, not harder. In other words: to ensure business growth you will have to find a way to increase efficiency by fully leveraging data, raw materials, people, and resources. Hear from our experts

But what role does an ERP system play in getting a better grip? What requirements does it need to meet to actually put technology in service to people, rather than the other way around? How do you make sure that your colleagues no longer perceive the systems as a roadblock, but as an indispensable extension of the organization?

Food in Control ebook