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Rethink Onboarding

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Rethink Onboarding

In today's increasingly competitive and candidate-driven market, onboarding is arguably one of the most critical processes an organisation must manage.

The digital realities of today mean that traditional onboarding practices are no longer effective. Changes to work arrangements and the expectation of a consumer-grade employee experience are driving the need for a connected, well-equipped workforce, and streamlined operational processes.

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In this eBook we cover:

  • Why onboarding is no longer a set of processes but an experience
  • How has the digital revolution impacted onboarding and the talent process
  • Why onboarding programs often fail 
  • Why employee experience should be at the heart of your strategy
  • Why other processes in the employee lifecycle, such as offboarding and re-boarding, should not be neglected


If you'd like to speak to us about onboarding, or anything else in relation to your HR, get in touch with Emma Morris, an experienced HCM consultant at delaware.

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