'Cost-to-Serve’ Margin Analysis in Vena

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How can cost to serve (CTS) help you turn challenges into opportunities and ease the pressure on bottom-line profitability, all while serving increasingly demanding customers? In this webinar, we walked through a CTS journey in Vena, from model design and data integration to reporting capabilities.

Because cost to serve unveils true end-to-end profitability for products and customers across the supply chain, it is the ultimate data source for advanced profitability analytics. It will give your organization a competitive edge when deciding on how and where to act to resist the continuous pressure on your net margin. It will enable you to turn the challenges of serving more demanding customers into opportunities to create added value.

delaware has been successfully applying best-practice cost-to-serve solutions across a wide range of industries using different tools. Vena is a mature tool which combines advanced modeling techniques with Excel interfacing and a single-source-of-truth multidimensional data model on a cloud-based platform. The application of the cost-to-serve methodology within Vena is a unique approach that has been perfected by delaware through multiple use cases.

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