Ad-hoc simulation in Vena

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How do you set the price for an incoming order that has a number of peculiarities compared to earlier orders? This is perceived as one of the toughest cases in controlling. Yet, as customers become ever more demanding, you’ll increasingly have to deal with challenges like this.

The key to success? Making informed decisions based on a single source of truth, instead of gut feeling. Cost to serve can act as a facilitator, not only to determine pricing but also to optimize production and logistics flows – which is sure to yield extra benefits. 

In this third session of the Vena webinar series, we have elaborated on various simulation scenarios and how to cope with them. In addition, we illustrated how bundling cost to serve, budgeting & planning and ad-hoc simulation in the powerful Vena platform enables you to exploit their interdependencies and deliver true added value to your organization. 

Speaker: Ben Reynaert 

Recorded: Thursday 17 Jun, 13h15-14h00

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